Celebrating Excellence

Here at Infinite Wisdom we aim to capture the amazing things that the students in our program are accomplishing. The mission of the Kugelman Honors Program is to provide creative ways for Honors students to achieve Arête (Excellence), Techné (skill), and Sophia (wisdom), in our quest for knowledge. Infinite Wisdom highlights students that are achieving these. We celebrate excellence in our students, showcase skills, and instill wisdom onto each other. Our goal is to share all of these achievements and grow together and inspire each other.

The program has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Just like the program is growing and changing, so is Infinite Wisdom. As we are moving to a blog/social media channel we are more focused than ever on updating students. Previous newsletters can be found at this site:


Look back through old issues for inspiration when planning events, or just for a stroll down memory lane.  Infinite Wisdom is becoming more dynamic, in that we showcase past, present, and future events in order to provide the tools for all of us to grow and succeed.

By: Lauren Meadors, Sophomore

Editor of Infinite Wisdom


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