Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Rohe

Caroline 1 (2)  Caroline Rohe graduated the University of West Florida with Honors in the spring of 2014. A history major, Caroline held a position on Honors Council her senior year as service co-chair. She is currently doing an internship with the National Parks Service.

What is your fondest memory of the Honors Program?

My fondest memories were participating in Honors service events as well as going to honor council retreats.

What was your Honors Thesis about, and what advice would you give to current students about their thesi?

My Honors thesis was on three members of the Nazi elite(Baldur von Schirach, Albert Speer, and Joachim von Ribbentrop) and their role as opportunist within the Nazi regime. My advice would be to start working on it as soon as possible and to use opportunities such as I had, to travel to Washington DC and do research at the National Archives, by applying for travel money.

How has being an Honors alumni helped you in life after graduation?

Being an Honors alumni has helped me land my awesome year long internship with the National Park Service at Gulf Islands National Seashore. Also by graduating with the Honors program and with Honors it helped me get into the Museum Studies masters program with Johns Hopkins University.

What is the best overall advice that would you give to a current Honors student?

My advice for current Honors students would be to be as active in the program as possible, actually read, attend council meetings, make connections with Honors staff and faculty, and enjoy the friendships that are made with fellow Honors students.

By: Lauren Meadors, Sophomore

Editor of Infinite Wisdom


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