An Exchange of Knowledge

Cheyenne Green enjoying the beauty of Greenville, South Carolina.
Cheyenne Green enjoying the beauty of Greenville, South Carolina.

It was a cold, chilly afternoon when we got off the plane in Greenville, South Carolina.  I had spent the plane ride going through what I would be saying in my presentation and the nerves were starting to set in.  Was I prepared enough to do the presentation?  As we got closer to the hotel and closer to my presentation that question became clearer and clearer.  We went through the presentation one more time before our session and my nerves became less and less.  It was my turn and I was ready.

Unlike class presentations, you are not graded on your presentation at a conference.  You make it great so that you and your school are showcased, not because your grade depends on it.  The Southern Regional Honors Conference is a place for an exchange of knowledge where everybody comes together because they want to learn.  Your presentation interests them so they are not a captive audience and the same vice versa.  I was able to choose what sessions I went to, however I was required to go to all UWF presentations.  I went to a WWII presentation and ended up learning about the importance of the Korean War.  I also went to a presentation on Fifty Shades of Gray and another that left me wanting to read the book Lolita.

My favorite part of the conference, however, was the poster presentation.  In a poster presentation, it is just you and the presenter which allows more questions and discussions rather than a short question and answer time after a session.  I ran into posters ranging from the economics behind illegal immigrant workers to how healthy Subway is for you. SRHC was a wonderful experience for me and I would recommend that every honors student should go to a conference at least once in their time in college.

-By: Cheyenne Green, Sophomore


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