Pirates of Penzance

Jessica Farrell, Senior, and Jeramie Gow waiting for the opera to begin.

One of the most looked forward to events on the social calendar for honors is Opera Night, where students get to come together to enjoy a mock tail party and witness the Pensacola Opera. This year’s Opera was Pirates of Penzance and ten students got to experience this delightful comedy together at the Saenger Theater in downtown Pensacola. We got to take part in a cultural experience that most college students don’t get to see very often and expand our experience past school plays or musicals into the world of opera. The experience itself, watching gentlemen parade around in tuxedos and listening to women sing higher than you would think possible, is always breathtaking. Everyone that attended this year loved the story and the music, especially since it was all in English! Because of the timing of the Opera at the end of Spring Break, we didn’t have our mock tail reception and are saving it for this year’s formal. So even if you missed the opera, we’ll bring a bit of the magic to you in Emerald City.

Opera 2
UWF students are all dressed up to enjoy this years opera.

-By: Jessica Farrell, Senior

          Honors Council Vice President


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