A Leader Among Leaders

Megan Hossler, a freshman in the Honors Program, has recently been selected for a very prestigious internship with the National Society of Leadership and Success. This society is based at more than 400 college campuses nationwide and Meg’s internship is to start a chapter on the UWF campus. She recently traveled to Hoboken, New Jersey for training, along with the other select few that were hired, to start the internship on their campuses. 11140069_10202687663551606_4397844208661875103_n

Why did you want to get involved with this society?

I was searching for scholarships to help cover the cost of college and came across this internship that offered a scholarship. After reading up on the society and learning more about it, it sounded like something I would love to be involved with. I thought the society would be a great addition to our campus and that students could benefit majorly from such a great program.

What are the benefits of this society?

By joining the society and being inducted students receive a lifetime membership to the NSLS. This membership comes with exclusive discounts to places like Dell and Geico. Students who join the society are participating in the biggest leadership society in the United States and are learning different leadership skills, gaining access to exclusive members-only benefits, and also get the opportunity to attend live speaker broadcasts from some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

What did you learn during your training in New Jersey?

In New Jersey I was trained how to establish and continue the society on campus- finding an advisor, filling my executive board, learning the content I’ll be teaching to society members. During my internship we did different leadership exercises that allowed me to interact with my fellow interns and learn my specific style of leadership. Overall, my training taught me the foundations of what the society is and what I’ll be doing, but also taught me a lot about my own leadership style and how I can accomplish things.

What is your vision for the UWF chapter?

I really hope to involve the UWF chapter in as much community service as possible. I think giving back to our community is a very important thing to do and hope to make that a major goal of ours. Establishing the chapter and building up membership is a large task and I hope that the UWF chapter will be successful and teach everyone in it effective leadership skills that will help them personally, academically, and professionally.

By: Matthew Watkins, Freshman


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