Summer 2015: A Summer of Adventure for Honors Students

Summer is a time where students can take a break from classes and college life to work, study abroad, take on cool internships, and work exciting new jobs. Honors students are very active over the summer and have accomplished fantastic things worldwide.

The GREEN Project Connor engaged in.“Starting my senior year I went with five other college students from around the world Connor Wagner visiting Machu Peru as a part of the GREEN Program. While there, we learned about the geography of Peru as well as its successes and failures with water management at the Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola (USIL) in Cusco, Peru.

We traveled around the country learning about regions that were successful with water management, as well as places that needed serious improvement.  We also went on a few excursions, including white water rafting, zip lining, hiking, and visiting Machu Picchu.”

-Connor Wagner, Honors Mentor, Senior

IMG_0099“My major is elementary education and my job this summer, part-time nannying, really helped me gain perspective about my planned future career. The family I nannied for took me with their relatives on an all expenses paid ten-day trip to Europe. We were in Nice, the French Riviera, for a week in a villa they rented. I got to brush up my very rusty high school French!  Afterwards, we flew to Rome, Italy, where we were for the rest of the time. It was a beautiful old city and I made sure to visit the places Audrey Hepburn visited in Roman Holiday, one of my all time favorite films. I got to see some really great historical sites and eat some incredible food! It was a wonderful experience and I made sure to wear my UWF Argo sweatshirt at least once…to show school pride worldwide!”

-Rachel Jamison, Honors Mentor, Sophomore

Rachel and Connor both had unique experiences worldwide. However, you don’t need to travel to have an incredible experience:image1

“My local community college, Northwest Florida State, puts on a big musical every summer. The set of this year’s production, Oklahoma, came to life with my help. I spent about three weeks painting a “house” that was about the size of a Pace Hall dorm room; only twice as tall. In addition to its four walls, I painted the house’s shingles and porch. Almost everything I painted had two to three coats, each a different color to make the plywood look realistic.”

-Hannah Mizell, Honors Mentor, Sophomore

Even mundane things, such as working, can be exciting:

While most college students spend their summer at home or taking summer courses, I spent countless hours in London’s very own hidden gem–Diagon Alley. Although my summer consisted of many days of working and long shifts, it was still one full of excitement. Not many college students can say they worked in Harry Potter’s stomping grounds or that their coworkers were sometimes house elves. For eight hours of the day I was able to become a witch and embrace my inner magical powers- all while getting paid. During the summer I was an ice-cream scooper, a Butterbeer maker, a potion creator, and an entertainer. I got to spend my summer in the most magical place on earth. Even with all the fun I was having, I learned a lot of life lessons that will continue to guide me beyond college. I learned how to work as a team, leadership skills that will allow me to become a lead nurse one day, how to act quickly in emergency situations, and how to stay calm when people are upset. I had a very successful summer full of magic and knowledge that will continue to guide me throughout college and after.” 

-Meg Hossler, Social Committee Chair, Sophomore

Honors students Connor, Rachel, Hannah, and Meg all had unique summer experiences and we can’t wait to see the exciting things students will do next summer!

By: Matthew Watkins, Sophomore

Public Relations Chair


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