Aloha to the New Year in Honors

On Sunday, August 23rd, the Honors Social Committee hosted  a “Welcome (Back)” barbecue for Pace Hall residents, as well as incoming 11880506_10203321408234827_3734441089356416908_nand returning Honors students. The party was Hawaiian luau themed, featuring pineapple barbecue chicken, leis, and Hawaiian shirts. All UWF students were encouraged to attend this event put together by the Honors Program.11933483_10203321407714814_5474552559335783092_n

“Attending the event was a good, relaxing thing to do before the first day of school,” said Leonie Dupuis, Honors freshman, noting the calm, friendly atmosphere. “Honors students were able to relax and get to know each other better over good food and games, which included Corn-Hole and Ultimate Frisbee. Some students even took the chance to bring out their instruments. The fundraising committee had a great chance to inform students on upcoming events. Many students remarked on how good the food was, and how nice it was to finally relax after the frenzy of move in day.”

Hopefully the feeling of unification students felt during the barbecue will carry on through the rest of the year. Make sure to give a huge thanks to Meg Hossler for all the hard work and planning she put into the barbecue. If you wish to help her plan the next big upcoming events, the social committee meets at 4-5 pm on Tuesdays in Pace Hall.

Bayla Bessemer, Freshman



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