Starting in College and the Music Industry

unnamedFor many high school graduates their main priority is preparing for college and gaining enough courage to take their first steps into the real world. Freshman Nate McManus is embarking on this journey in the midst of releasing his first full-length album. Over the course of four months and ten hours of recording sessions, Nate released his first album. The same time that classes were starting, Nate’s album titled, Nate McManus: A Musician, was hitting SoundCloud. Nate has started building his rock star portfolio with this album, which he wrote, funded, recorded, and released all on his own.

“It has been a really great experience so far,” said McManus. “I love knowing that my music can be heard by anyone at any time, and it makes me feel a lot more professional having a studio album in my portfolio. It really helps with getting gigs in town as well. Business owners feel more confident paying musicians when they can see that said musician has already invested a lot of time into their music.”

unnamed (1)Nate, originally from Umatilla (right outside of Orlando), plays many gigs at local coffee shops where the public can hear his covers and original songs. After only being in Pensacola for a week, he booked his first gig at Goat Lips and successfully survived his first week of college in the Honors Program. Music and education coexist in Nate’s life and his musical talent has allowed him to pursue a major in music.

unnamed (2)

“I would love to be a touring musician, but if that is not something that ends up being part of my future, majoring in trumpet performance will allow me to play in an orchestra, or even do studio work for many different artists,” said McManus.

It is great to see a student so involved in academics and the arts. Nate McManus’ album is called “Nate McManus: A Musician.” The indie folk album can be found at: or check it out on SoundCloud.

Written by: Meg Hossler, sophomore & Honors Social Chair


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