Welcome Back to Giving Back

This week marks the end of both the first week of classes for the school year and first week of events for the Service Committee. On Friday August 28th and Saturday August 29th, the Service Committee volunteered their time cleaning up the UWF Nature Trails and sorting food at the Bay Area Food Bank, respectively.


At the Nature Trails, honors students picked up trash pieces on the ground and sorted them into two categories: recyclable and non-recyclable. Of the recyclable materials, the volunteers were very proud to have picked up many pieces of glass which could have injured animals living in the nature trail’s forests. To those who plan on exploring the nature trails, remember to leave no trace and take only pictures when in natural environments.

10984153_941209082602287_7081513721686463209_nThe service committee also felt the gratification of helping out the hungry in the seven bay area counties by sorting food at the Bay Area Food Bank. Volunteers were split into two groups: The Feeding American Backpack Program and food sorting. Those in charge of sorting foods unpacked food donations from pallets, checked for any damages on the packages, and ensured that the food donations were not expired by the food bank’s guidelines. They then resorted the food into categories for the food bank to redistribute the food to smaller, local food pantries with the low cost of 2-9 cents shipping and handling. The group that was in the food sorting room sorted through 5,435 pounds of food! This will make around 4,180 meals for those who are struggling with hunger in our local area.Those who worked on the backpack project filled plastic bags with 2 snacks and 4 meals for free-lunch students in the bay area counties to take home on the weekends. By the end of the morning, 1000 bags were filled and ready to be delivered to schools where the plastic bags will be discreetly inserted into the students’ backpacks on Friday.


The Service Committee hopes to see this great work continue at the next planned event: The Ft.Pickens Cleanup on September 12th!

By: Léonie Dupuis, Freshman


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