Who are you people?!?!

And you thought the Trojan War was just a simple love story! Don’t worry, the tale of Troy is one told many times over and you can blame the people who lied to you for thinking that a story about Troy was going to be so straightforward. Welcome to the first week of Honor’s Core I!

As a devout English major, I was extremely excited when I saw The Iliad and Odyssey among other amazing works of literature on the reading list for Honor’s Core. And yes, even I have to admit that there were days that I would throw my hands up into the air and ask why, Zeus, why, but don’t worry. Things get even better when you have to decide whether you’re going to pray to Zeus or to Jupiter or if it’s wise to pray to both. In all seriousness, it’s a daunting task seeing the reading requirement for week one is 1­-4 in The Iliad and realizing that that’s not page numbers. Then you open the book and everything is written in some alien form of English that you’re not even sure counts as English. Don’t despair! And please don’t start sacrificing animals or classmates to the gods just yet! It’s the beginning of the year, so pace yourself. The journey is just beginning. The first steps are always the hardest, so take a deep breath and dive right in!

I could take this time to tell you all the wonderful things that I learned through reading The Iliad, but I’m not going to do that. I could also tell you about the structure of The Iliad as an epic poem and how it plays into the history and mythology of Greece, but honestly I can’t do a better job than DL can. What I can tell you is that The Iliad can be seen as the beginning step on a long journey. Yes, the poem doesn’t start at the beginning of all the madness, but often times, the start of the madness isn’t the true beginning. The true beginning is when you take the first step. This is your first step! As it was for all the Honor’s members who came before you. Our first step was sitting in that same classroom and counting the pages of The Iliad in horror.

For those of us who have already slugged through this epic poem and more, can you hear the familiar cries carried through the hallways? Maybe not yet but we both know it’s coming. We have already started on our journey, some of us may be nearing its end, but this is a time to remember our first step. It’s a time to remember sitting in our first class, making our first friend, perhaps even, to our embarrassment, making our first mistakes at college. Now think about how far you’ve come on your own personal journey. It’s been a long road, but the amazing part is that there’s so much more to come!

With the two weeks of classes behind us and a whole new semester laid out in our path, I encourage each of you to take a deep breath and please remember that if you must scream, find your nearest pillow or exit the building before you do. The year’s just begun and you should be excited to begin, or continue, your own personal epic! It may be straight and narrow or twisted and confusing, but it’s your road to take.

So, find your trusty pen and collect your papers and charge forward with as much enthusiasm as you can spare. And welcome back to another great year!

By: Kaitlyn Peacock, Senior

Honors Mentor


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