Honors Retreat

Every year around 30 honors students pack their bags and head into the woods on a two-day trip to Adventures

Unlimited. It is there that they learn more about themselves and their peers. Students are subjected to many trials and tribulations, from physical to emotional, including capture the flag after dark, obstacle courses, and silent cranium. They are designed to test the participants and show them their strengths and weaknesses.

Freshman Jerrad Havemann had high and low moments during the trip. “I really liked the Islands,” he said, referring to one of the obstacles. “They gave me a chance to step and be a leader because it was about concepts I could understand. I usually don’t get to step up.” 

Alex Broc acting out “saved by the bell” during a game of late-night Silent Cranium.

His most frustrating moment was during the game Silent Cranium when he had to act out a short order cook and no one could figure out who he was trying to be.

Students demonstrate cooperation during Egyptian Baseball.

Sophomore Andrew Holzinger became frustrated when he was playing the game Egyptian Baseball because of it’s lack of structure. There are no rules to the game except for how you earn points. It was hard for some to break their habits of following a rigid structure and think of creative solutions to win.

The best part of retreat for Holzinger was during the capture the flag game when he got stuck on the branch of a tree dangling over a creek.

The climax of the leadership retreat was accomplishing the wall. At thirteen feet high, the entire group of students scaled it in complete silence. Each student had to trust their peers to support them. Emotions were high as the wall was a daunting experience for many. Every person successfully made it over.

Greg Tomso noted at the end of retreat the cooperation and leadership he saw within this year’s group. The opportunity gave students a chance to better themselves and to bond with each other. Everyone came back feeling closer, and the trip ended on a high note after successfully climbing over the wall.

Honors hopes more students will join retreat next year for a fun chance to improve their leadership skills.

Written by: Bayla Bessemer, freshman


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