Honors Halloween Fear Festival

This year, Pace Hall residents and honors commuter students were invited to participate in a Halloween door decorating contest. Doors ranged from scary to adorable, to incredibly elaborate- and they all looked fantastic. Room 244’s door, decorated like a cyclops peeking through, won first place in the competition. 

The annual Kugelman Honors Program Halloween Party took place on Oct. 16, 2015 with the theme “The Addams Family.” Social Committee spent weeks preparing for the party by making the decorations, planning the menu, and delving into the deepest darkest parts of Pinterest for new ideas. Guests arrived dressed in their costumes, ready to compete in the costume contest. There were two separate contests: Honors Core 1 students competed for extra credit in Dr. Lanier’s class and upper level honors students competed for fun. Winners included: Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and the Dirty Bubble, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,and a slice of birthday cake. The party started with the serving of “worms” (spaghetti dyed black), garlic bread (to ward off the vampires), rice krispie pumpkins, and other Halloween themed treats.

Party goers could pose for a picture with the Addams family while listening to spooky music and enjoying the creepy decorations all over the auditorium. Both the Halloween party and the door decorating contest helped students get in the mood to be scared!

Written by: Mallory Bouck, freshman


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