No Tricks, Just the Treats of Service

Last semester, on Oct. 23, 2015, the Honors Council Service Committee participated in two incredible Halloween-themed events.

Students act out the children’s book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.

The first service event that day was the Annual Westgate Spooky Trail. Honors students coordinated games, told stories, and performed music for the students at Westgate Elementary and other children with learning disabilities in Escambia County. It was a very rewarding

Group picture of all the volunteers at the event.

event and it was apparent that both the Honors and Westgate students  were        enjoying the activities.


Haliegh Castonguay & Vivian Lopez helps children make paper flowers.

That same afternoon, Honors students helped run booths and coordinate events at the Cordova Elementary Fall Festival. This too was both beneficial to the Honors students and the students of Cordova Elementary.  The elementary students had a lot of fun with the activities provided. Honors students also learned a thing or two about handling younger kids, as well as their parents.

Seth Forehand & Philip Billings help run inflatables to ensure the safety of children.
By: Nate McManus, Freshman & Music Performance major

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