Freshmen can be Leaders Too

“You guys are going to have to create video campaigns and we will post them on the Honors page,” Robin Jones said, as she described the daunting election process for the newly instated Core I Representative position. All the participating students, not knowing their fellow classmates’ personalities, had to dig deep and create a campaign that would both capture the attention of 70 other students and secure their votes. Some drew on comedy, some drew on professionalism, others on the cute factor, but at the end of it all, three were elected for the position.

Leonie Dupuis, Abigail Megginson, and Ryan Post were all voted into the position of Core I Representative for Fall 2015 and were put in charge of announcing Honors events, which eventually evolved into announcements accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. The work itself was not very demanding, but the position allowed the three students to create a liaison between the voices of the first-year students to the Honors Council by attending the meetings on a weekly basis.

By partaking in this position, the students learned valuable skills such as leadership, communication, promotion, and understanding in regards to the Honors Program. The students also helped promote fundraising events that aided the Fundraising Committee in reaching their record-breaking funds of $2,300.

Although officially members of the Honors Council’s Public Relations Committee, the Core I Representatives were able to bridge all of the Council committees together when presenting the varying events. Core I Representative, Abigail Megginson, said that being a Core I Representative helped her, “better understand the differences between the committees and the behind-the-scenes processes that occur between these committees.”

Having now completed their terms, the Core I Representatives are serving as resources for the newly-instated Core II Representatives: Abigail Allgood, Jerrad Havemann, and Owen Munro. The Core II Representatives will continue to present announcements before Honors Core II as the semester progresses, fulfilling the hopes of creating leadership at the first-year level of Honors Council.


Written by: Leonie Dupuis, freshman & Pre-Professional Biology major


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