How to Stick It to Monday

The weekend is over, the dreaded 8 a.m. class on Monday morning looms over you, and you simply do not want to get out of bed. You open your door, and there is a lone sticky note bearing your name. Attached to it is a simple quote to motivate you, a note to make you smile. Your Monday is now heading a different direction.

That scenario is what led me to make sticky notes for a handful of the residents of Pace Hall. It all started with nine sticky notes in fall 2015, and now every week I prepare roughly 40

Motivational Monday
Some examples of past “Motivational Monday” sticky notes.

individual and personalized “Motivational Mondays.” These notes are designed to encourage, inspire, lift up, and motivate their recipients.

The first nine sticky notes bore nothing more than numbers. The dryers in Pace Hall were not numbered properly in the card reader system, causing many people to lose money trying to finish their laundry. I found the pattern for the improper numbering and took a pad of sticky notes and renumbered them to assist the residents. After I finished that, I realized I had a lot of sticky notes in my possession; I decided to do something positive with them. That Sunday night I wrote simple notes for the eight RAs and Hall Director of Pace. The purpose was simple: Start their Monday off on the right foot. The notes, “Here’s a smile to start off your Monday,” a personalized sentence, and “Have a great day!” Nothing too extravagant, but extravagance was not necessary. The overwhelmingly positive response I received the next day was actually very surprising. The difference one sticky note had made in people’s lives, is definitely something special. Seeing the change I made in their days sparked a thought, a thought to “Stick it to Monday.”

Those first nine “Motivational Mondays” have since grown in number. I complete roughly 40 notes weekly and they are passed out around midnight on Sunday night, so the first thing people see on Monday when they leave their room is something positive. Some weeks bear themed quotes: Disney movie quotes, quotes with pictures, memes, etc. The week before fall finals, I attached study tip guides with two pieces of cinnamon gum, proven to help people while studying. Some weeks the sticky notes have a simple piece of candy attached.

This program of mine has changed the lives of many Pace residents. I have been approached by people saying they had a tough week and the note made it all go away, or they were stressing over something, but the note gave them peace. This positive response led me to submit this program to be presented at the Florida Association of Residence Halls conference (FARH). After being accepted, I traveled with four other delegates from the UWF Residence Hall Association to the University of North Florida on Jan. 22 to present my program, where I received many positive responses to the idea. My goal is for this concept to spread across the nation, so together we can “Stick it to Monday.”

And to think, it all started with a sticky note.

If you are interested in this program or you need that little bit of motivation on Mondays, email Adam Morris at You can “like” the Facebook page here: and follow @stickit2monday on Snapchat.

Written by: Adam Morris, first-year student, Public Relations major




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