Honors Flies High with this Fundraising Event

The Kugelman Honors Program kicked off fundraising for the new year with a different way to make money: hockey. They are raising big funds with few people by volunteering at the Pensacola Ice Flyers’ games.

The Fundraising Committee Chair, Anthony Noll, saw The National Society of Leadership and Success, another registered student organization, succeed with the event and decided to let Honors have a shot at it too. Noll says the biggest advantage of these events is their return on investment. Unlike many previous Honors fundraising events, it requires only six people, whereas an event such as the Chocolate Tasting needed 12 volunteers and plenty of attendees to be successful. A night spent volunteering at the Ice Flyers’ game earns the program a $100 donation, what Noll calls “fun money.”

Volunteers arrive two hours before the game to help set up the merchandising booths and sell items until second intermission. However, volunteers may end up doing other tasks too. Caroline Polder, a first-year honors student, volunteered at the first game Honors worked on Jan. 8. Polder said her favorite part of the experience was holding the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance with her fellow Honors students on the ice.

After packing up the merchandise booth, students can leave or watch the final period of the hockey game free of charge, like Polder did.

Students pose for a picture before enthusiastic fans make their purchases.

“The game was tied, then they went into overtime and then they went into super overtime,” Polder said. “Finally, there was a one-on-one shot, and it ended up being a great game to stay for.”

Noll was pleased with the 17 people (Honors and non-Honors students) who came to volunteer at the game on Jan. 8. However, he had to put a cap of 12 volunteers per game to avoid an excess of help.

“I’m afraid more people are going to do it because it was so fun for everyone,” Polder said. “And then I won’t be able to go as much.”

Upcoming volunteer dates are: Feb. 12, 26 and 28 and March 12,18 and 19. Noll asks that students let him know when their availability is as dates fill up fast, and volunteering at the Ice Flyers’ games is becoming more popular to other organizations in Pensacola.

To contact Anthony Noll for more information on dates and availability, email him at atn8@students.uwf.edu


Written by: Abigail Megginson, first-year student, Journalism & Political Science major




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