“This New Year, I Want to be More Social!”- Mission Accomplished

This past January, the Honors Council Social Committee hosted two events. The first event, the Honors Welcome Back Event at Gallery Night, took place in downtown Pensacola as the first annual spring welcome back event. Honors Council had a booth where current students spoke to Pensacola citizens about our program, as well as Kugelman Honors Alumni, getting them reacquainted with the program and providing them with UWF and Honors swag. Social Committee also had a booth where we offered s’mores-flavored hot chocolate and Krispy Kreme donuts to warm everyone up on that chilly night. The Welcome Back Event culminated with the Gallery Night Gauntlet, a team based photo challenge around downtown Pensacola where students searched for paintings, people, and landmarks. Highlights included: a videoed fight scene with cannons, finding local and out-of-town artists, finding a painting of a cat wearing glasses, swing-dancing with someone in period-accurate clothing, along with another forty-some items to find.

Freshmen and upperclassmen socialize while enjoying Gallery Night.

Personally, I had an amazing time getting to interact with all of my fellow Honors students, as well asmeeting several Honors alumni. The Gauntlet was extremely fun as our knowledge of downtown Pensacola and our endurance were put to the test. My favorite item had to be the cannon fight scene; pretending to shoot my teammate was hilarious, and to make it even better, several of the passersby could not stop laughing at our fight. First place in the Gauntlet ended in a tie between the team of Caleb Pascoe, Quinton Fallon, and myself, and the team of Bayla Bessemer and Abigail Megginson. Each winner received a miniature canvas-easel trophy, hand-painted by members of the Social Committee.

During the second Social Committee event of the month, the Extreme Gingerbread Building Competition, competitors strived to build the best gingerbread house out of graham crackers, chocolate or vanilla frosting, and assorted candy. The holiday spirit proved to be infectious as anyone that passed by the competition site would stop for a couple minutes to admire the ongoing construction, to offer advice to the competitors, or even build their own extreme gingerbread house.

I had a great time at this event and loved working with Jade Jacobs. Even though our house fell apart multiple times we never let it get us down, and in the end we had a completed gingerbread house that we both felt really proud of. Awards were aplenty and included specialty awards as well as first place and runner-up. Phillip Billings received the award for the “Most Authentic” Gingerbread House, for his candy cottage would have made the witch from Hansel and Gretel green with envy. Lauren Meadors and Payne Ray were awarded the “Most Art” Gingerbread House with their car wreck/natural disaster piece, fit to be a set for a CSI episode. Adam Morris, Kameron Bethell, and Owen Munro were awarded “Runner-up” for their snow-covered church with a hanging Hershey kiss steeple bell. Jade Jacobs and myself won “First Place” for our House of Cards-inspired art

RA Payne Ray and Honors RA Lauren Meadors show their creative side during the Extreme Gingerbread Building Competition.

installation piece with an attached gummy bear playground. Overall, the Extreme Gingerbread Building Competition was a great success that brought out friendly rivalry amongst the Pace Hall residents and led to a sweet treat for everyone as they got to eat their final projects after the judging was completed.

January proved to be a great month for the Honors Council Social Committee, and the following months look to be just as bright with an upcoming Chinese New Year party, a tie-dye event, and many others, along with Honors Formal, to look forward to.

Author: Jerrad Havemann, first-year student & mechanical engineering major


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