Welcome to Infinite Wisdom: your new favorite blog

Infinite Wisdom is the Kugelman Honors Program blog and way that we connect with our Honors students, UWF, and the community. Here you will find stories about our students accomplishing big things, updates on the events our Honors Council hosts, and many more articles about the great things Honors is doing. Scroll through and make yourself familiar with all of the amazing things our program and students are accomplishing. We hope you will learn more about what we do and the leaders we are creating. Make sure to share your favorite stories and together we can help our blog to grow.

Thank you to all of our contributing writers, directors, editors, participating students, and viewers who make Infinite Wisdom possible. Without you there would be no stories! We hope you find inspiration, news, the latest information, and much more on our blog as you make us a part of your daily reading!

We would also like to welcome our newest staff members to the Infinite Wisdom family and show our appreciation for all of their hard work that makes this blog possible:

Leonie Dupuis & Abbie Kellett: Co-Editors

Abigail Megginson: Writer

Matthew Watkins: Public Relations Chair


Sincerely your Head Editor,

Meg Hossler


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