How One Student is Making This Campus “Her Campus”

Her Campus, a globig logobal collegiate group with over 300+ chapters worldwide, is coming to UWF. Freshman Abigail Megginson is starting a Her Campus chapter here and is working on building support. Abigail is a dual journalism and political science major and previously served as an Honors Core 1 representative. To get more information on what Her Campus is and Abigail’s goal for it, I asked her the following questions:


  1. What is Her Campus and why are you are passionate about it?

“Her Campus (HC) is an online magazine for and by college women. It has been named by Forbes, in 2013, to be one of the top 10 websites for Millennial women. The UWF chapter of Her Campus will provide opportunities for students to be published and gain experience in social media, publicity, marketing, and event coordinating. My passion really stems from how much I was on the Her Campus website. I was reading it everyday and saw all this content from women across the nation giving advice, offering up their experiences, and even [providing] comic relief. I loved the idea of building up women and giving them this outlet to succeed, so I naturally became very invested.”


  1. When did you find out you could start a chapter here?

“I was browsing through the national website one night last semester (probably procrastinating) and I noticed that universities had their own chapters that gave students an opportunity to publish localized content that was relatable to the students on that campus specifically. I checked to see if UWF had a chapter so I could write for it, but it didn’t exist. I think my first thought was that I could start the chapter. After a lot of research and even getting connected to a campus correspondent at the University of Alabama, I finally submitted the application and began the process in January. I’m thrilled my goal is now turning into something that can help other students.”


  1. How has your experience in Honors prepared you to not only be a president of a club, but founder of a chapter?

“Being an Honors Core 1 representative during the fall helped with my presentation skills that I have already used in the process of promoting HC around campus. I also benefited from seeing how leadership and committees function, so as I begin to structure the staff, I have an understanding of how that process works. Honors is also a competitive environment, but I don’t mean that in a negative way at all. That simply means I’m surrounded by my peers who are all accomplishing big things and it actually inspired me to do more than I initially thought I could.”


  1. What impact are you hoping Her Campus makes at UWF?

    UWF Her Campus members leave their mark in the Commons banner room as they prepare for launch.

“I see it being a very big presence on campus. It’s very in line with our generation and relatable to everyone. I hope women across UWF will choose to take part in HC through events, writing, and even just reading our content. It’s going to help unite the women on campus, empower them, give them opportunity to express themselves, network, and get experience.”


  1. What are your next steps for Her Campus?

“I am currently in the process of becoming a student organization and my goal is to do that before this semester ends and be at ArgoPalooza in the Fall for incoming freshmen. Our big day to watch out for is March 22, because it’s our launch date when our site goes up. We are planning a promotional event on the Cannon Green.”


  1. How do you see your involvement with Her Campus impacting your future as a Journalism and Political Science major?

“My title is campus correspondent. I have the responsibility of being the editor-in-chief of the paper and the president. It’ll be my responsibility to edit all content, publish it, as well as manage the teams of the chapter. I think it will enhance my academic career and give me applicable experience working with students on the publication. Besides giving me an opportunity to connect with UWF students, Her Campus is a national company, and I’ll get to network with other students nationwide. I’m very very excited about that. Her Campus correspondents have gotten jobs at CNN, Glamour, Buzzfeed, and so many more reputable companies. I’m not saying that’s where I’ll end up specifically, though I wouldn’t mind a job at Buzzfeed, but I do aspire to that level for my career.”

“As far as political science, Her Campus is all about empowering women and I am extremely passionate about that as well. I think there should be more women in politics and in leadership in general. HC really promotes that and spreads awareness about issues and finds solutions to problems, which is the purpose of politics.”


After talking to Abigail, Her Campus seems like an amazing opportunity for women and writers to take a stand on issues and be part of a large network of peers.

Below is a link to the Her Campus official site if you want to see for yourself what this is all about:


Interview conducted by: Matthew Watkins, second-year student, social work major & Public Relations Chair


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