Understand These 5 Things for Core 1 Success

By Jade Jacobs

  1. The sass will always be real

DL meme

Dr. Lanier, also known as the real “Most Interesting Man in the World,” isn’t afraid to throw a little shade. Get ready to thicken your skin and not take criticism personally. Everything said is meant to get you to think a little deeper and inspire more questions. DL is blunt and unafraid to defend his position; he expects no less from his students. The ‘stache may be gone, but the sass lives on.

  1. Study groups may sound cliché, but they are lifesavers


There’s really not an excuse to not study for this class. Every potential quiz question and essay topic is posted online. Don’t try to go through it all alone*. All you’ve got to do is grab a friend or two who know a thing or two and get to work!

*Note: keep in mind that there is a difference between constructive criticism and just being critical. Many people who challenge your ideas (peers, professors, mentors, etc.) are usually doing so to help you, not to make you feel dumb. Try not to take these comments to heart, and don’t be afraid to say something if you feel like someone crosses a line.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up


If you thought a silent classroom in high school was painfully awkward, a silent lecture hall is twice as bad. You’re all honors students, so it follows that at least at some level you’re all nerds. There is nothing to fear in asking questions or answering them. It’s far better to be wrong in class discussion than it is to be wrong on a quiz or test!

  1. Mentors are here for a reason


It’s your mentor’s job to answer any questions you have. Each one has jumped through the flaming hoop that is freshman year and wants to make sure that each new honors mentee is able to do the same. Sure, they may not Yoda or Mr. Miyagi, but nonetheless each does their best to ensure that their mentees are able to hold their own in the world.

  1. Get involved!


When it comes to the Honors program, there are countless ways to be involved. Honors Council every Tuesday, events from the committees every month, and spending time in the common areas of Pace Hall tends to be the most popular ways for honors students to do things together. This is not even to mention the campus events that go on regularly. If you take a step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there, your fellow honors students may just become your new family.



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