Everything You Need to Know About Your Core 1 Representatives

By Jade Jacobs

Last week, Carder Dilger, Brett Farran and Sierra Hobbs were elected the three Honors Core 1 Representatives for Fall 2016.

This semester, they will serve as the liaisons connecting the Honors leaders and advisers to the freshman student body. Their duties include attending Council and presenting information from the committees to the Core 1 students along with aiding PR Chair Leonie Dupuis with promoting events and updates within the Honors program.

The three representatives are eager to share a little about themselves and encourage their classmates to become familiar with who they are, as they are excited to fill this leadership role.

Carder Dilger

Carder D.

Carder is a computer and electrical engineering major from Burbank, California, though he has lived in the Pensacola area for the last few years. He has a wide range of interests, with music being near the top of the list. Carder considers music a large part of his life and enjoys listening to, playing, and learning more about various genres. He plays both the bass and guitar, but most enjoys immersing himself in different types of music to learn more about them. Another of Carder’s hobbies is to learn as many new things as possible to improve his life skills and himself as a person. He fully embraces the mantra that you truly do learn something new every day.

In Honors, Carder is looking forward to getting involved in leadership roles because he wants to improve his public speaking. He sees his new position in Core 1 as good practice for building that skill. He believes it will help him secure more leadership positions in the future.

One goal Carder has as Core 1 Representative is to help create a feeling of unity among the Honors freshmen. He feels that the class is all going through the same experience together and would like to promote the dynamic that everyone is here for each other.

Outside of Honors, Carder plans to be involved in Cybersecurity organizations and Active Minds, along with potentially starting a new club focusing on playing and/or appreciating music.

On his bucket list is traveling to outer space.

Brett Farran

Brett F.

Brett is an environmental science major from Tallahassee, Florida. Brett was a rower in high school, and he continues to stay involved in activities that keep him moving.

His hobbies include running and binge watching Amazon Prime movies and series because exercising is much more manageable when you know you can relax and watch four seasons of your favorite show back-to-back.

In Honors, Brett hopes to attend an Honors conference to network and meet Honors students from other schools. He says experiencing a conference firsthand will help him be confident and prepared when it’s his turn to present. Following in the footsteps of last year’s Core 1 Representatives, Brett is considering presenting on his experience in the leadership role as a freshman at the Florida Collegiate Honors Conference. His goal as a Core 1 Representative is to motivate his fellow freshmen to be more involved in the Honors Program and in student organizations on campus.

In his spare time, Brett plans on being active in handball, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, SCUBA club and Marine Ecology Research Society.

His bucket list includes going glacial kayaking in Greenland.

Sierra Hobbs

Sierra H.

Sierra is a biology/environmental science major from the Pensacola area. Her passions include acting and theatre, baking delicious culinary delights and binge watching Netflix, especially Broadway musicals. If you need someone to duet Hamilton or Moulin Rouge to, she’s your girl. Who knows, there might even be cookies involved!

As a student in the Honors Program, Sierra is looking forward to presenting at conferences. She has presented at science-based symposiums and conferences in the past, and is excited to get involved with the honors version. Sierra is excited to attend Honors Retreat, a two-day leadership and team building trip that will take place in early October. Her goal as Core 1 Representative is to give everyone the opportunity to have someone to relate to in order to unite the class as a whole.

When she isn’t working with Honors, Sierra will be involved with handball, SCUBA club, Student Environmental Action Society and garden club. She aims to be a very active, involved and well-rounded student and wants to encourage others to do the same.

One thing she wants to cross off her bucket list is climbing Mount Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.


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