Anthony Noll: Honors Council President

The man, the not-so-myth, the legend: Anthony Noll is a central figure of Honors, especially for those of us who live in the same residence hall. From his enthusiastic personality to his positive attitude, Anthony is a friend to all, an inspiration to many, and some might venture to say a national treasure. How does one find the time to offer a nod and a smile to nearly everyone? He somehow manages it.


Anthony is a Health Care Administration major and is also pursuing a minor in health promotion and management. Some might say he is also minoring in Honors since he can answer nearly any question about the Honors program and its requirements.

Anthony was born in Naples, Florida, a whopping nine and a half hours away, but loves the “southern hospitality” that he’s come to experience here in Pensacola. That, and homemade gumbo, which is his favorite food.

As a freshman, Anthony said he leaned toward the introverted side of the personality scale, staying quiet most times and having some difficulties being so far from home. But, a lot of his ability to be so understanding and encouraging now, especially with other Honors students, comes from those early experiences. He was in Core I once too, worrying about papers and quizzes, so he gets where everyone is coming from and the various reasons why they might be nervous.

Life in Pace Hall is very important to Anthony, and he loves living here and watching the community grow.  He took the time during our interview to point out all of the activity going on around us, from the people sitting in the TV room with us to the group of friends just hanging out in the lobby. Forming that sort of cooperative spirit and identity is something that he looks forward to. He enjoys playing a positive role and being a part of the community.


In his free time, Anthony enjoys listening to music, though he has no real preferences in this domain and likes listening to a little bit of everything. He is not, in fact, an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs – he is a die-hard fan of them. He even has lucky socks! According to a third-party member of the interview, he evidently has a liking for flowcharts. When he’s not Pace-bound, he likes to play golf or go jogging.

Also on his off-time Anthony teaches “golf skills and life skills” to kids of school age with First-Tee of Northwest Florida.

To current Honors students, he says, “That goes back to understanding that I’ve been in almost everyone’s position before, and that this is a home away from home – this a foreign place compared to home, and you have to make it a home away from home. It’s just good for your health and everyone’s health around you to develop that positive dynamic, because positivity is radiant, and it’s infectious. That’s the key.”








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