From the President’s Desk: February 2017


Hello Honors!

As Core 2 and our seminars start once again, so does the spring semester! I hope everyone’s 2017 has gotten off to a great start!

After a hiatus from Infinite Wisdom, we are now ready to start rolling out articles for the new year! Our new editors, Jay Ayer, and Joe Cox, have begun the process of getting Infinite Wisdom back to full strength. By having a new set of themes for each month, we can offer a wide variety of publishing opportunities. With that being said, please feel free to send any pieces of work to Jay or Joe!

On the Council side of things, we are incorporating more types of professional, personal, and Honors development pieces into our meetings. We have had Career Services come and speak about resume building and display, and we have had a talk on public speaking tips and strategies. As we find ourselves in February, we will continue this track while balancing our Council election schedule. My two tips for everyone:


We have these professional development opportunities in place for Honors students alone! Please take advantage of each meeting to incorporate new personal strategies, or to enhance what you may have learned along the way. Look at the Honors Updates to see what topics we will be covering!

  1. Interested in Honors Leadership? SEE STEP 1

Many of you guys have expressed interest in becoming a leader within the Council and Program. The best way to gauge your position of interest is to come to Council (Where a leader in each category will be present)!!! If anybody cannot make it to the Council meetings, please get in touch with me and I will be sure to give you guys the most accurate information possible!

Again, thank you all for your efforts to the Honors Council and the Kugelman Honors Program! I hope to report even more positive things in the future!

Thank You!



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