A Little More About Myself

JAy 2

By Jay Ayer

In my previous article I discussed some pretty serious subject matter regarding my personal life. To lighten things up a bit right now I want to write about something in my life that I love: films. I am a film fanatic and can cite seemingly an infinite number of facts about movies, even one’s I have not seen. My friends often challenge me to name movies based off quotes, actors, or still images from certain scenes. My love for film extends far beyond that of watching a wide variety of movies. I am more interested in the production that goes into film making and the subtexts of films rather than just the final movie itself. I find myself watching movies for the first time and not even paying attention to the story. Instead, I am looking for clues in each and every scene for an ulterior message or subtle foreshadowing just so I can predict the ending. This tendency to focus on different parts of a movie allows me to watch one multiple times without getting bored. My favorite film, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, is one that I often revisit to just analyze on my own, and each time I notice something that I have never seen before. In a previous article, “Living in a World on Demand,” I discussed the fact that I often prefer to watch a familiar movie over viewing a new one. My continual analysis of certain films is the reason for this preference. I can watch a movie scene with someone and notice even the most minute details that fly over the other person’s head: the importance of a character glancing at a bottle before using it as a weapon, how subtly a character makes a comment that holds the resolution to a later plot line, among other examples. Sometimes I annoy my friends and family with how often I predict the endings of movies midway through us watching one, but sometimes my friends enjoy it when I break down a movie we really do not like. I will never watch a movie without automatically analyzing every single aspect of it, and this can sometimes interfere with how much I enjoy a movie, but I love breaking one down to its core and knowing every single fact about it. There have been days where I watch three, four, or even five movies for the sole fact of analyzing them. I have not been able to watch any movies recently, but I can guarantee that once I get some free time I will immediately try to watch more. Watching movies is by far one of my favorite pass times, and I will probably never stop re-watching them because I am obsessed with knowing all that I can about them. My love for film is one of the most distinct aspects of my personality, and I’m lucky that this is an aspect of myself that I can appreciate.


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