Pace is the Place

UWF Housing and Residence Life recognized Pace Hall, home to the Kugelman Honors Program, as the Community of the Year at this year’s annual Housing and Residence Life award ceremony. With seven other residence halls on campus, Pace Hall outshone them all with its community-filled environment. Pace’s resident assistants (RAs) had big goals of bridging the divide between Honors and non-Honors students and the winning of this award demonstrates their success. The friendly staff, diversity of programs, and social butterfly residents all contributed to the community feeling that is always felt within Pace Hall.

Pace Hall RAs pose for a picture at the award ceremony and celebrate all of their wins together.

The Honors RAs (HRAs) and RAs of Pace Hall came together this year to create diversity and bring the residents of the building together through their innovative programs and collaboration. The event “Get with the Clique,” hosted by HRAs Matthew Watkins and Kaitlyn Peacock, addressed a major concern that prevents community and as a result helped to create an essence of acceptance and community life. House points were also successful in bringing all of the residents together as they offered up friendly competition and allowed residents upstairs and downstairs to meet and work together.

“We deserved community of the year because if you walk in our building there are always residents and RAs hanging out downstairs and in the common areas,” Watkins said. “You see a lot of the residents in the building know each other and help each other with school and personal problems and a lot of residents cook in the community kitchen and are always offering food to everyone, which is really cool.” 

HRA Matthew Watkins, seen here with LRA Elizabeth Wright, also won the “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” award.

Pace’s sense of community also comes from the RAs branching out into the UWF community to host an award-winning program. The Argo Game of Life, recognized as the Program of the Year at the annual Housing and Residence Life awards, promoted diversity and community by teaming up with the Honors program and sponsorships by RHA, the UWF bookstore, SGA, the police department, Wellness, and Housing and Residence Life. The collection of different topics and multiple organizations working together for a common cause created a successful program that demonstrated how connected Pace Hall is within its walls and in the community.

“The Pace community has really evolved throughout the year and it’s really gotten to a point where everyone knows everyone there,” first year student and Pace resident Jade Jacobs said. “I can go sit in the common area and it doesn’t matter who walks by, I know they’re going to say ‘Hi’ to me and that just makes your day better when you see someone and you can smile at them and they smile back. It’s nice to see a friendly face and that’s what you get at Pace.”

Pace Hall is a diverse community made up of different personalities, ethnicities, and values, yet the housing staff and residents were able to bring all of these different components together to create an award-winning community. The community Pace Hall promoted this year changed this residence hall into a home for everyone who lives and visits here.

Written by: Meg Hossler, second-year student, pre-nursing major & Social Committee Chair