Staff Bios

Editor-in-Chief: Jay Ayer


Jay is a communications major here at the University of West Florida. After graduation, he plans to work in advertising and online content management. Aside from his major, Jay has an interest in psychology and marine biology. Jay was a member of his high school’s varsity marksmanship team and has an interest in film making. He writes in his spare time and always has a note card with him for writing down ideas. Jay has been an involved member of the Pensacola community through his service in high school through NJROTC and The National Honors Society. He hopes that he can use this experience to help him serve as an editor for Infinite Wisdom.

Senior Editor: Joseph Cox


I am the obstinate professional type. I rule with an iron first, and expect perfection from my staff writers. Clearly, as seen in the above depiction, I spend my days within the cloaks of darkened rooms, as I rest my body upon a comfy chair to drift away into the essence of a fictional book. I have mastered grammar from reading thousands of stories, but only for the purposes of syntactic analysis. I don’t enjoy the reading, but I do enjoy the commas, exclamations, adverb phrases, appositives, and grammatical antecedents. Ain’t nothing better than a grammatical antecedent. Also, everything I just typed was a lie. I’m just some dude who enjoys helping others, and loves it when people express themselves. I also sing Bo Burnham too loud, use sarcasm too much, and spend enormous amounts of time editing.

Staff Writer: Jade Jacobs

Jade's bio

Jade * Jacobs is a marine biology major with a minor in Spanish. She hails from Cedar Falls, Iowa but has found her home here at UWF. Her hobbies include swimming, being sassy, coloring and drawing, hammocking and going on adventures. She loves plants, cows, all forms of sea friends, pomegranate seeds, thunderstorms and alternative music. Some fun facts about her are that she doesn’t have a middle name and can hold her breath underwater for over three minutes. Jade enjoys writing about people sharing or experiencing something they’re passionate about and events both within and outside of Honors Council.

Staff Writer: Victoria Clark


Victoria is a full-time psychology major at the University of West Florida who aspires to become a therapist for children. As an avid sailor and curious wanderer of the world, she is always up for an adventure where she can meet new people, push her limits, and learn more about the universe we are all a part of. Whether it be rain or shine, she will always find herself outside writing in a beat-up journal she jokingly calls her “Life Documentation Book.” After experiencing the death of her father, Victoria turned to reading and writing as a form of comfort and in many ways has realized that she has a passion for reading and no desire to ever stop the words that flow from her heart, to her mind, to her fingertips, and onto paper for other eyes to read.

Staff Writer: Samuel Alvarado


Sam is a biomedical science major with a career aspiration of becoming a pediatrician. He hopes to use his skills as a pediatrician to help Doctors Without Borders wherever he may be needed in a world always in need of doctors. He is originally from Denver, Colorado which helps explain his love for nature and a few of his hobbies. His hobbies include gardening, soccer, hiking, reading a good book, or simply adventuring with friends for a night on the town or on one of the many nature trails here at UWF. One of his favorite things to do is travel and gain new experiences ranging from undergraduate research to meeting Japanese foreign exchange students to converse in both Spanish and Japanese with them. He looks forward to writing interesting content to make the semester more bearable.

Staff Writer: Sabrina Corbin


Sabrina Corbin is a mechanical engineering student here at UWF and she is currently a sophomore with an intense passion for music and learning new things. Sabrina is from a tiny two-minute town called Holt. Her interests include playing the flute, painting, soccer, reading, and pretty much anything outside. She loves to connect with people and share passion for anything through her writing. After college, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and chase her dream of having a music career on the side. Some fun facts about Sabrina is that she was born in Anchorage, Alaska and she was on a German television show in 3rd grade.

Staff Writer: Rachael Whitlock


Rachael Whitlock is a freshman at UWF and is majoring in psychology. She plans to get her doctorate in psychology and eventually want to open her own practice that specializes in helping children and adolescents. She is also learning Spanish and German and hopes to one day live somewhere in Europe. In her free time, Rachael enjoys drawing, playing the piano, swimming at the beach, and reading. Her favorite articles to write are narratives and student spotlights.