From The Editor: A Semester In Review


By Jay Ayer

As the students of the University of West Florida prepare for finals week, I would like to look back at the 2016-2017 school year. Particularly, I would like to look at how UWF Infinite Wisdom has evolved over the course of this Spring semester. When Joseph Cox and I took our positions as the editors of Infinite Wisdom, we both had similar goals in mind regarding the blog itself. We both saw in this blog an opportunity to showcase the experiences, talents, and various beliefs of the students in the Kugelman Honors Program. Every post since the beginning of the semester has been excellent, and we have had multiple students both volunteer to be staff writers and to donate freelance articles.

Infinite Wisdom is not just the title of this website. It is what we post, share, and discuss on this site. Infinite Wisdom is an eclectic summation of all the beliefs, personalities, and values presented by our writers. We value every viewpoint of every student that writes for us because those viewpoints are the wisdom in the title of this blog. With the wisdom from the students who write for us, we all learn the importance of love, mental health, leadership, leaving a legacy, and introspection on several levels. With each article posted this semester, we have redefined what the term ‘Infinite Wisdom’ truly means, and each article we post after this one will continue to redefine that term.

As Editor in Chief of UWF Infinite Wisdom, it is my privilege to work with our writers, read about everyone’s beliefs, and share those beliefs with the world. I would like to personally thank every staff writer, freelance writer, editor, and reader of Infinite Wisdom for making this semester one of the most successful periods this website has ever seen.

Thank you to the Infinite Wisdom staff for spreading your wisdom with the world, and thank you to the readers for constantly supporting our writers.

We at Infinite Wisdom look forward to spreading more wisdom as we continue to experience new things in our lives.

10 Reasons Why UWF Football is Great for Pensacola

By Anthony Noll

On September 3, 2016, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to watch the UWF Argonauts beat the Ave Maria Gyrenes by a score of 45-0. The win was not in soccer, not in baseball, but in football.

Many people associated with UWF have waited most of their lives to hear that be said, and now that hope is becoming real.

After experiencing one day’s worth of events at the game against Ave Maria, I have ten reasons why UWF football is one of the greatest things to happen to our school and the Pensacola community.

  1. After their first victory, there is hype for this season. Some people doubted that our team would be able to beat Ave Maria, but our play silenced any doubters. With the other teams in our conference, the odds of us having a perfect season are still very minimal. However, the team can indeed say (at least for now) that they are, “Still Undefeated.”


  1. There is a clear fan base for football. We have FSU to our east, the Iron Bowl rivalry and Georgia to our north, and South Alabama to our west. There was a void in college football, and the center of it just happened to be in Pensacola, Florida.


  1. The culture of the area supports it: Southerners love some good football. Over the last few weeks, and even months, our city is buzzing with the arrival of a Pensacola-based football team. The Blue Wahoos Stadium should be well over capacity on September 10 at 6 p.m.


  1. It was just a dream for the alumni, now it is a reality. For years, they pondered what it would be like to gather at a stadium on a Saturday afternoon and watch some good football in Pensacola. Although this was not 100 percent according to their vision, every UWF alumni member sported their blue and green prouder than ever at the Ave Maria game.


  1. President Bense’s “beliefs” were really a strategic plan. The point of a strategic plan is to meet goals set for three to five years before they happen. This plan could not have been more perfect for UWF.


  1. It forces UWF to grow. The school is now on the map for prospective students and athletes across America. With this new, influential power, the school must grow all aspects of the campus  to accommodate for the increasing student population per year.


  1. The benefits outweigh the costs. Many criticize the price of the program’s introduction to our university, but the positive effects are on the horizon. Some of them are here, and others are still yet to come.


  1. The economic impact will be amazing. The shops in Downtown will be crowded, the tailgaters will pack the lawns of the Blue Wahoos stadium, and all of it to watch men tackle each other and take a brown ball from one end of the field to another. Right now, Pensacola businesses, UWF football fans and players, and the entire city of Pensacola wins in the economic battle. Each entity builds off of one another, and a higher stream of revenue is circulated among all of these benefactors.


  1. Everything at the University of West Florida is peaking. The students are excited, the alumni are excited, and everyone that has a connection to the school is ecstatic. As we cross 13,000 students for the first time in history, the positive academic, economic, and social growth of UWF is palpable. We must continue to push our limits as a collective group, and we will see even more positive benefits for the immediate and distant future.


  1. History. There was magic in the air in Ave Maria that day. No matter the final score, everyone was taking place in an event that will go down in UWF history. When it came to the game itself, that is where the aura took form. Every quarter was history. Every play was history. Every second was history. To be a part of that momentous day was truly a blessing, and the excitement of that day could be felt from half a Gulf away.

I sit back here in Pensacola with the photos on my camera and the images in my head from that day. There will only be one first game for the University of West Florida Argonauts, and it was an honor to be with all of the alumni and administrators to watch this dream come true.

Rep image, Bruce Graner of PNJ